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Kids art festival. Sure, it may sound like something boring that even the kids, let alone the parents, would find dull and an absolute waste of time. Well, you can’t be more wrong if you think that. The festival that we have planned for your kids and the rest of the family will make everyone one of you come back to it every single time we plan the festival. So, if you are in Australia, consider yourself lucky, as you can come to our festival and enjoy it!

Our Salient Features

We go to extreme lengths to make sure that we make the experience as wonderful as possible for the family. This is why we have carefully planned activities for both the parents and the kids.

Activities for parents
Yes, you might love your kids but what interests your kids will probably bore you, along with other adults. This is the reason that we plan a series of activities that will surely get you and the other adults engaged. This will allow you to enjoy the time to the fullest during the festival.

Activities for kids

Dec 12, 2019

As the art festival is for the kids, it is no brainer that most of the activities will be around the kids. But kids are different, as we all want to enjoy, but also learn, and that is what’s best about our Kids Art Festival.

Coming Soon!


We make sure that the activities for them are designed in such a manner that it would be a learning experience for the kids.

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Tips For Teachers On How To Deal With Difficult Parents

Tips For Teachers On How To Deal With Difficult Parents

It is true, nothing comes easy in life. We meet various obstacles in our daily personal and professional lives. Being a teacher comes with the biggest responsibility for they are the ones shaping the characters and minds of a generation. The bigger the responsibility, greater are the problems. A teacher is responsible for all her students in terms of and a little beyond their education. What is taught and how it is internalized depends on the teacher. So here is one individual influencing various individuals all who differ on the basis of their primary nests. Parents entrust their children to the child care melbourne, which intensifies the responsibility for the teacher and deepens the expectations of the parents. Imagine how difficult it must be to meet so many different expectations in one class room by a single teacher! Here are a few tips on how to deal with the most difficult of these.

Be Tactful

Because it is one teacher responsible for many, it can be very stressful for a teacher to play between all the ranges of expectations from the parents. It is important to be tactful rather than letting the stress run over your mind. Remember to keep your cool, to hear every parent out and to move towards a middle ground with empathy and patience rather than aggravating the situation by offending the parents. You should also remain mindful to not patronize. Every difficult situation will demand a different combination of tactics and so a teacher must trust their instinct too.


To avoid annual or bi-annual problems it is essential to establish constant two way communication with the parents. Anxious parents on parent teacher meetings will naturally hate surprises. Keeping parents in the loop and well aware of any situation can help in monitoring the student and meeting difficulties in the academics and social realms of the student (for both the parents and the teacher). If a parent knows that the teacher is so well invested, they will surely feel confident in trusting the teacher. To be heard and understood can help deal with a lot of anxious and finicky parents. The understanding communication develops can help both parties find a middle ground to work upon the child.

Believe in yourself

You must remain mindful of your authority and position as a teacher. Even though the child is his/her own person for they have internalized primary values from their houses, a teachers influence is undeniable. A teacher comes to know their students a little differently than the parents. If you feel like a parents objection is not called for then you must reason with them, on the basis of your credibility as a teacher, and make them consider otherwise. For instance, when parents fail to understand that their child might not be performing well in a particular subject which can be justified if the child has the energies towards another field. Stand your ground but don’t forget to be polite.

Kodo, the way of light. The path of creative expression with colors for children

Kodo, the way of light. The path of creative expression with colors for children

Kōdō is the immersion in the energy of color in a space where children of all ages (from 3 to 100 years) can meet, once a week, to paint freely, becoming aware of themselves and experiencing their own autonomy. A space of freedom.

A space free from judgment . A space in which to resurface what we are, “a bit for fun, a little for not dying”, as Madama Butterfly would say, guided by the charm of color, by its irresistible frequencies that vibrate inside us independently of our will. The red that imposes you its power, the black that guides you in its depth, the indigo that accompanies you in the passage between day and night. And all the others colors that can sing to our soul , awakening it and finally freeing it. Then whisper to a brush that will follow our impulse in harmony with what our mind and our heart in a single embrace, the Japanese shin , will be able to tell.

kodo colors
The work of a little girl during a meeting of Kōdō © Beatrice Spagoni

What is Kōdō
Kōdō is inspired by the experience and vision of the educator Arno Stern, a German educator who dedicated his whole life to creative education through painting, and to oriental culture towards the calligraphic gesture , known as the shodō: “The research and understanding of life through the practice of calligraphy “, explains Norio Nagayama , calligraphy master and president of the Bokushin association , school of oriental calligraphy, in Italy.

Muba, the children’s museum of Milan opens the eyes of the smallest on the world

Muba, the children’s museum of Milan opens the eyes of the smallest on the world

A place where adults are allowed to enter only if accompanied by children. An atypical museum, in which it is possible to find oneself in front of a peremptory “forbidden not to touch”. A small oasis just a few minutes from the center of Milan where you can stroll through a lovely park and cross an ancient portico and then venture into a world of wonders. All this is the Muba – Children’s Museum , a center for the development and dissemination of cultural projects dedicated to children born with the aim of promoting in children “an open look at the world with a constant work of research and quality”.

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Muba – Children’s Museum, what it is and how it was born
Founded as a non-profit association in 1995 and started as a traveling reality with exhibitions hosted by the Milan Triennale , Muba found a permanent home in 2014 in the late-baroque complex of the Rotonda della Besana, in what was born in the 17th century as the Church of San Michele and that since 1948 is owned by the Municipality. A bet won from the beginning that led him from 1997 to the present to the admirable goal of 800 thousand children involved in his activities, 15 interactive exhibitions and 50 Italian and European cities reached with his international educational projects.

Workshops, game shows, summer camps but also free play, toy bartering and the possibility of renting spaces to organize your own birthday party are just some of the initiatives that animate the Muba calendar. There is room for everyone (from twelve months to twelve years) and each path is dedicated to specific targets, structured with fixed and limited numbers so as to avoid overcrowding and chaos. Following children and parents along the activities there are always specialized educators that help everyone to enjoy their experiences to the fullest, facilitating – in the direction of management – “creative design thinking and the cognitive processes that are activated”.

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